Proper Application Of A relaxer

There are a few steps to adhere to before applying a relaxer, I will especially refer to Elasta QP and Dark & Lovely No lye relaxers brands, and here are a few steps to follow to get the most brilliant results for your hair.

  • Make sure that your scalp is in  good condition, your scalp should be healthy without excess dryness, dandruff , or without rashes . Also to avoid irritation do not wash or shampoo your hair forty eight hours prior to the time of application.
  • When ready to apply Dark & Lovely Relaxer or Elasta QP do a sensitivity test to determine if the chemical will react with your skin/scalp. The sensitivity test is done by applying either of the above chemicals on a few strands of hair at the nape, let it process fully, then rinse with the recommended neutralizing shampoo’s, apply the moisturizer and style as usual. If within twenty four hours there is a reaction on the scalp where the chemical was applied, do not use the product on your hair. Although Elasta QP or Dark & Lovely Relaxers rarely overreact when properly administered using these guidelines.
  • When ready to apply relaxer, apply pre relaxer lotion on previously relaxed hair to protect it from over processing.  Dark & Lovely and Elasta QP have got within their packages the lotion I am talking about, it is referred  to as “precare lotion”. Continue to apply precare gel on the scalp before continuing with relaxer application. The Elasta QP and Dark and Lovely also have kids relaxers- when using kid relaxers  more precautionary measures must be taken because of their sensitive and tender skin,  more care is warranted.
  • Using gloves, part your hair in four portions then start your application from the nape area coming towards the crown finishing with the front portion. Cover all hair evenly.
  • In application of the relaxer, you must apply very fast so the processing will be even all over the hair. After  complete application, start combing gently throughout hair until smooth. Careful to watch the clock, you do not want to over process! It takes between fifteen minutes to thirty minutes depending on the texture of different hair.
  • Once achieving the required result it’s time to rinse the chemical off hair, firstly use luke warm water to rinse off all chemicals from the hair, then  repeat the process using a neutralizing shampoo for Elasta QP or Dark & Lovely neutralizing shampoo respective of either brands you used. Apply 2-3 shampoos until the lather  turns white showing that all chemicals/relaxer has been rinsed off. Towel hair dry and apply your favourite leave in conditioner.  It’s now time to start styling your beautifully relaxed hair!

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